Technical Papers

Technical brochures (pdf format):

  • BioSulphide® or ChemSulphide® - sulphide precipitation process for wastewater treatment and metal recovery
  • Sulf-IX™ - ion exchange process for sulphate removal
  • SART - base metal removal and cyanide regeneration from gold leach solution

Conference Papers and Presentations (pdf format):

M. Nodwell, D. Kratochvil, D. Sanguinetti and A. Consigny
“Reduction of Water Treatment Costs Through Ion Exchange Preconcentration of Metals while Maintaining Strict Effluent Standards”
Conference of Metallurgists, September/October 2012, Niagara Falls, Canada

M. Nodwell, D. Kratochvil and O. Lopez
“Risk Management and Mitigation for the SART Copper Cyanide Recovery Process”
Hydroprocess, July 2012, Santiago, Chile

A. West, D. Kratochvil and P. Fatula
“Sulfate Removal from Acid Mine Drainage for Potential Water Re-use”
International Water Conference, November 2011, Orlando, Florida

R. Lawrence and O. Lopez
“Improving the Economics of Gold-Copper Ore Projects using SART Technology”
World Gold, October 2011, Montreal, Canada

D. Kratochvil, D. Sanguinetti and T. Murray
Innovative water treatment reduces life cycle costs and contributes to sustainability in mining and power generation”
12th International Symposium on Environmental Issues and Waste Management in Energy and Mineral Production, May 2010, Prague, Czech Republic

M. Bratty, D. Sanguinetti and D. Kratochvil
“Lower life cycle costs for water treatment”
11th International Symposium on Environmental Issues and Waste Management in Energy and Mineral Production, November 2009, Banff, Canada

D. Kratochvil, M. Bratty, D. Sanguinetti, S. Ye and T. Murray
Innovative ion exchange systems for cost-effective increase in water Re-Use in Power Plants
International Water Conference, October 2009, Orlando, Florida

O. Lopez, D. Sanguinetti, M. Bratty and D. Kratochvil
Green technologies for sulphate and metal removal in mining and metallurgical effluent
Enviromine Conference, October 2009, Santiago, Chile

D. Kratochvil, B. Marchant, M. Bratty and R. Lawrence
Innovations in ion-exchange technology for removal of sulfate
International Water Conference, October 2008, San Antonio, Texas

M. Bratty, R. Lawrence and D. Kratochvil
Reducing water treatment costs while meeting the challenge of environmental compliance for the mining industry
Water in Mining Conference, July 2008, Santiago, Chile

R. Lawrence, R. Philippe and C. Fleming
“Sulphide and ion exchange technologies for metal recovery and water treatment in the copper mining industry”
HydroCopper Conference, May 2007, Santiago, Chile

M. Adams and R. Lawrence
Biogenic sulphide for cyanide recycle and copper recovery in gold-copper ore processing
Precious Metals 2007, August 2007, Brisbane, Australia