Strategic Alliances

BioteQ has strategic alliances with the following industry leaders. Together, we can solve the most challenging water treatment problems.

Newalta Corporation

Newalta Corporation is Canada’s largest industrial waste management and environmental services firm that extracts value from waste by applying new technologies to recycle and recover saleable products, including crude oil, lead, lube oil, solvents, oil filters, and water.

BioteQ and Newalta are working together to solve challenging water treatment problems in the mining and oil & gas industries.

Lanxess Sybron Chemicals Ltd.

Lanxess is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals and ion exchange resins used for water treatment.

BioteQ and Lanxess are working together to jointly market and apply BioteQ’s water treatment solutions for metal recovery and sulphate removal, with the Lanxess Lewatit® ion exchange resin, to treat wastewaters from mining, power generation, and oil & gas activities.

EcoMetales Ltd.

EcoMetales is an industrial waste management company wholly-owned by Codelco, Chile’s largest mining company and the world’s largest copper producer.

BioteQ and EcoMetales are working together to jointly evaluate and develop wastewater treatment projects that recover valuable metals from waste and produce clean water for re-use in Chile’s mining industry.

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