Commercial Demo, USA

BioteQ’s Sulf-IXTM ion exchange process for sulphate removal has been applied to treat groundwater at an industrial site in the US. BioteQ provided detailed process design, engineering review, and plant commissioning services, and continues to provide on-going operations support for the project.

The Sulf-IXTM plant has a flow rate of 600 m3/day and was designed to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the wastewater by removing calcium and sulphate in order to meet strict effluent limits and improve the process operability and economics. The Sulf-IXTM process is based on ion exchange technology and incorporates a cation exchange circuit and an anion exchange circuit using selective strong acid cationic ion exchange resins and weak base anion exchange resins respectively to produce clean water and a clean gypsum product. This process solution can also recover up to 99% of water for re-use, with the only water lost from moisture in the gypsum cake.

Project Benefits

The application of BioteQ’s technology at this site has a number of process, environmental and economic benefits. The plant can:

  • Reduces Total Dissolved Solids by removing calcium and sulphate from the wastewater.
  • Recovers up to 99% of water for re-use.
  • Produces clean non-toxic gypsum solids.
  • Eliminates the production of liquid waste.

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