Minto Mine, YK

BioteQ provided operating services at the Minto Mine, located in the Yukon, starting in July, 2009. During the summer of 2009, BioteQ was able to respond quickly to the site needs, installing an in-situ treatment process within five weeks to respond to an urgent need for water treatment to remove dissolved metals and suspended solids from mine wastewater. The temporary system treated 700,000 m3 of water within a 3 month period. The treatment process met strict regulations for metal content, reducing the concentrations of dissolved copper from 150 ppb to below 20 ppb.

Minto plantAs a result of BioteQ’s performance during this period, the mine owner, Minto Explorations Ltd.,  contracted BioteQ to design, supply and operate a permanent water treatment plant at the site. The plant combines BioteQ’s proprietary ChemSulphide® technology with conventional water treatment processes to meet strict water quality regulations for discharge into the environment. The plant was designed to have a capacity of 4,000 m3 per day and commenced operations in the summer of 2010.

Project Benefits

The application of BioteQ’s technology at the Minto water treatment plant provides these benefits:

  • Produces clean water that meets very strict discharge limits for metal content.
  • Provides a permanent water treatment solution for the mine site.

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