Oklahoma Site, USA

BioteQ’s ChemSulphide® process technology has been applied to treat groundwater containing elevated levels of zinc and cadmium from a closed industrial site in the US. BioteQ provided process design, engineering, procurement and construction review, and plant commissioning services, and continues to provide ongoing operations support for the project.

Commissioned in 2010, the ChemSulphide® plant has a capacity of 1,630 m3/day. The plant produces treated effluent that meets very strict water quality criteria for discharge to the environment, and recovers the zinc and cadmium as saleable metal by-products.

The plant does not generate a waste sludge with special disposal requirements or ongoing management.

Project Benefits

The application of BioteQ’s technology at this site provides economic and environmental benefits. The plant:

  • Produces high quality treated water that complies with strict water quality regulations for discharge directly to the environment.
  • Produces no waste sludge that would otherwise require long-term storage and management.
  • Removes heavy metals from the environment, producing saleable metal products that can be recycled into useful products.
  • Reduces the environmental liability associated with metal-laden wastewater.

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